Official Weighted Hula 2021

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Voted #1 Female Fitness Product

The Hulas Weighted Hula Hoop has a wave groove design to help increase your circulation and flexibility. With a weight of 1.1kg, the fitness hoop will help maintain your momentum. 

Trim your Waistline:

 Helps develop the mobility of the spine and hips, helping to ensure the joints remain flexible. Extremely effective at losing weight around the stomach/abdomen area.

100% Durable Foam Padding:

 Durable plastic core which is covered with soft EVA Foam with molded inner ridges. Comfortable for the user, easy to clean, and resists bacteria and moisture from penetrating the surface. 

Adjustable Sizing (Adjust to Fit Any Waist): 

 The Hulas Weighted Hula Hoop is easy to assemble. Comes in 8 sections which click together. Adjustable for children so you can use 7 sections to make it smaller. 

Core Muscle Strength:

Basic hula hooping can burn up to 200+ calories within a 30-minute workout routine. A weighted hula hoop strengthens the inner core muscles of the body to improve posture and reduce the risk of back problems

Burn Fat 2x Faster: 

30 Minutes Hula Hooping a Day, 5 Times a Week Can Lead to 800+ Calories Being Burned Every Week!