Official Smart Hula Pro 2021

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Want a challenge? Why not try out the Smart Hula Pro? Push Yourself to new limits and see even Better Results Quicker! More Intense, more advanced, and even more calories burned. The Smart Hula Really Makes All the Difference between good and amazing!

 Burn Fat 3x Faster: 30 Minutes of Workout, 5 Times a Week, You Can Burn 1000+ Calories With Our Smart Hula Hoop.


Measured to Your Waist: Firm Yet Comfortable Sections Allow You To Adjust The Smart Hula Hoop to Your Waist.


360 Degree Massage: Relax While You Workout With 360 Degree Surround Massage.


Tone Your Body: Shake and Twist Those Hips to Effortlessly Tone Your Body.


The Smart Hula Hoop That Never Falls. No need to worry about struggling to keep the hoop up. Smart Hula Pro allows you to focus on twisting those hips.