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5 Amazing Weighted Hula Benefits

Weighted Hula Hoop Benefits

There are oh-so-many exercises and workout regimes available for fat loss. You will see some strength training exercises, and you will see some Tabata protocols. The reps, sets, and all the challenges of such strenuous and often tiring routines can be a big struggle for some. As a matter of fact, we know how difficult it can be to keep up with these exercises that demand too much discipline and motivation. So, why don't we add something that involves fun? Hula hoops are the perfect example of these.

Hula Hooping

Play some music for fun and get it swinging – hula hooping is the best remedy for your blues and your fat! What can be more amazing than having something in your routine that lightens your mood as well as helps you burn your body fat! Hula hooping is the answer you are looking for.

It isn’t just observation – it’s a fact.

According to research in 2015, it has been proved that you are more likely to stay adhered to a weight loss regimen if it involves fun which will help you lose weight. People who underwent strenuous and boring workout regimes, on the other hand, were likely to overestimate the calories they burned that made them fall into negative patterns like self-rewards. It made it harder for them to lose weight.

Benefits of Hula Hoop

Now that you know how doing hula hooping is more fun than doing other sports for losing weight, let's talk about some benefits in detail that ensure the positive effects of this physical activity on fat burning.

1.    Burning Calories

According to a study in 2011 carried by the American Council on Exercise, a hula hoop workout of even half an hour is sufficient enough for helping you burn around 210 calories in total. The organization says that a strenuous session for hula hooping is pretty much comparable to step aerobics, a boot camp workout, and cardio kickboxing in terms of calorie burn and heart rate.

2.    Weight Loss Acceleration

Doing this physical activity can help accelerate the overall process of losing weight if you use it with a healthy strategy to eat. To lose over 1 pound over the course of the week, create a calorie deficit of over 500 calories each day with a combination of diet and exercise. These calories will help you burn, while the hula hooping will help you amplify the loss.

3.    Increased Aerobic Fitness

Doing hula hoops is a form of cardio exercise which is also termed aerobic exercise. It accelerates your heart rate. You will need to have around 150 minutes of mild to moderate level of cardio exercises in a week to see actual benefits. The benefits of doing an activity that involves cardio like hula hooping will help your body to maintain and improve endurance, create more energy, quicken the weight loss, improve the mood and overall physical wellbeing.

4.    Toning for the Abs

Did you know that a fun activity like the hula hoop can actually help you in toning your postural muscles as well as your core too? These muscles include your oblique muscles, your abs, and your pelvic muscles. Balancing the hula hoop around your waist and then circulating the hoop around your torso constantly will help you to engage your body core. It will help you build more strength in the muscles.

5.    Balance Improvement

Hula hooping also helps to amplify your body balance, according to health experts. In maintaining physical health, balance training is something that is often neglected. However, it is quite crucial to the overall stability, and it helps in protecting injuries related to falling, especially as you age.

These were some of the top benefits that come with using hula hoops as your go-to fitness regime. You can include them in your daily workout activities or combine them with your strength training exercises. For the best results, people like to use weighted hula hoops that come with even more benefits. This is because it works well as a resistance training element and helps burn excess fat from the belly.

Weighted Hula Hoops

As we have talked about, weighted hula hoops add to the effectiveness of the physical exercise – they add as good tools for strengthening and toning the core muscles. What's more, your posture will also get better as you use weighted hula hoops. Another benefit that comes with weighted hula hoops is the decreased belly fat – yes, that stubborn abdomen fat that just never goes away no matter what you do. By constantly circulating a weighted hula hoop around your waist, you activate the process of fat burning real fast. Your muscles become strengthened from there, and you feel leaner as you keep doing the activity on a routine basis.

It is a show to see yourself grooving to the rhythm of the weighted hula hoops – the beat, the vibe, everything about it is amazing, and you get to have the best experience while you are losing weight. So, what you are waiting for! Do it with your friends or little kids at home and make this an exciting, fun activity to do with others as you have fun and lose weight at the same time.

As you can see, hula hoops offer some of the best advantages as an exercise – you don’t have to worry about not fitting into your old jeans or having an untoned waistline, with an amazing exercise like the hula hoop, you make yourself able to get the best advantage you can. This is not it – the fun element that comes with using hula hoops as your tool for losing weight, getting your body toned, and strengthening your core and postural muscles is the best thing you can possibly imagine. You don’t have to stick to the boring exercise routines that demanded the most out of you – just play your favorite music and dance to the rhythm.

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